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  • Ruth Ann Cote

March Madness

March 24, 2019 by Ruth Ann Cote

Which college will come out on top? Millions are watching the best of college basketball, building brackets, and weighing the odds of which school will reign supreme. When you’re a high school senior, March madness takes on a whole new meaning. After months of endless research, visits, applications, essays, and interviews, all you can do is wait. Maybe a few decisions were made in the early round, but those are simply waiting on the sidelines — benched until the results of any deferred or regular decision applications come in. The waiting is the hardest part, the madness ensues. Here are tips to help you get through:

  • Focus on something else! Your apps are in — other than checking your email for any requests from the colleges, there is nothing more you can do. This is a time to have fun and take care of yourself — exercise, read a book, hang with friends.

  • Get excited about any early acceptances you have. Go to accepted students days, begin to picture yourself as a student on these campuses.

  • If you receive a denial, move on. Colleges have more applicants than spots. They turn away thousands of qualified applicants. Don’t take a denial personally. Focus on the schools that want you.

Over the next few weeks, a flurry of emails, portal checks, and old-school envelopes will bring in the results. Finally, the ball is in your court and you determine the winner.


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