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What Our Clients Say

"Working with Ruth Ann has been one of the best decisions and investments we have ever made. As our son’s junior year began, we quickly realized that we needed help navigating through all the important milestones as this was our first time through the process.  It was such a weight lifted off all of us to have an expert on our team. Ruth Ann guided our son on where to focus his efforts, including early college tours and narrowing down college choices, which was a tremendous help. She was also another voice, other than ours when it came to keeping our son on task and doing the not-so-fun work that is part of the process. When COVID hit and we had to put the tours on hold, Ruth Ann and our son got to work on his college essay, months before they needed to be submitted. This made the application process much easier as we were already one step ahead. I would highly recommend working with a college coach and cannot think of a more perfect choice than Ruth Ann."

 AG Westborough, MA

“From the minute we first spoke to Ruth Ann, we knew that she was a subject matter expert and would be able help guide us on the journey to find the right school for my son. Her experience and thoughtful recommendations made a huge difference in our ability to properly chose and vet the school my son ultimately chose.” – MC, North Carolina

“Our daughter worked with Kim Pucci for the past year. Kim’s ability to blend getting to know our daughter with her past experience, informed research on colleges, and empowering guidance was exactly what we all needed in this process. Kim expertly coached her to take the reins on her college search. Growth and maturity is typical in this age group, but we have to say, working with Kim has enhanced our daughter’s independence and confidence and has guided her to find a perfect fit academically, athletically and socially for this next big phase in life.” CA, Hopkinton, MA

“I feel blessed that our daughter was able to work with Kim! She took the collective anxiety about college admissions off our shoulders. Kim is extremely knowledgeable. She asked thought-provoking questions which enabled my daughter to narrow down her college choices, complete her applications with confidence, present a comprehensive and organized activity list, finalize her supplemental essays, and reach out for interviews. Kim’s insight was invaluable. Kim was completely accessible to my daughter (and to me) and responded quickly and thoughtfully to each question we posed along the way. Although Kim works with many students, my daughter always felt like her priority.  Her positivity and encouraging nature added a level of enthusiasm and confidence that my daughter needed. Above all else, and what I appreciated most as a parent, is Kim’s true passion about what she does.  Kim is clearly vested in her students’ enjoyment of the process and the excitement that comes along with presenting their “best self” to colleges. I cannot wait to have her work with my son!” 

– DA, Hopkinton, MA

“We began working with Ruth Ann at the start of my daughter’s senior year. We had gone through most of the college process but hit a road block when it came to completing some of the questions on the Common App, writing the supplements for the individual colleges and preparing for interviews. From my perspective, it was priceless. Not only did Ruth Ann help my daughter present her “best self” to the colleges, but she also built up her self-esteem. She helped her consider different things to write about and look at things from a different point of view. She kept my daughter on task so she had things completed before they were due. She took the pressure off of me having to be the person working with my daughter which helped the whole process run so much more smoothly. Ruth Ann had a great way with her and my daughter enjoyed the time they spent together.” – JS, Hopkinton, MA

We are so grateful to Kim for transforming our daughter's college search from one of anxiety and dread to excitement and anticipation. Her personalized and patient guidance helped our daughter complete each application task with confidence. We couldn't have navigated this process without her support and expertise! 

– MS, Virginia


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