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Personalized Service within a Proven Process. 

We empower students to manage the college search and application process by giving them tools to navigate their journey with confidence and independence.

Individualized Plan - Our students reach the same milestones, but each path is unique. We adapt our process to meet individual schedules and work styles resulting in a positive and effective plan.


Relationship Building  - This is the heart of our work. We take the time to uncover the strengths, struggles, interests, and aspirations of each student. It takes a true understanding of both the student and the colleges to find the right fit. 

Informed Guidance - We immerse ourselves in the world of college admissions. By visiting campuses, attending professional development programs, and utilizing industry networks, we stay current with the ever-changing landscape of college admissions. 

Our Comprehensive Process

Early College Planning

We review your academic record and goals to advise you on high school course selection and

test planning.


We offer guidance on ways to deepen your extracurricular activities to help you explore and develop your interests.

College List Development​

We blend one-on-one conversation with online assessments to determine the academic, social and financial criteria that are critical to identifying colleges that are the right fit for you.


Your Best Fit College List is presented as a starting

point -- it will evolve as you explore your options.

College Research & Visits

We guide you on appropriate

and effective ways to engage

with and gather information

from colleges.


Starting with a targeted list allows you to make the most out of your college visits -- saving

time and money.

Essay Coaching

Using specialized brainstorming activities, we help you identify

the key traits and core values

you want colleges to know

about you. 


Our step-by-step coaching process supports you in formulating an impactful

personal statement and meaningful supplemental essay responses that successfully

reflect who you are.

Applications & Interviews

We prepare you to present yourself through your applications and interviews by empowering you to write and speak about your accomplishments confidently

and authentically. 

We assist with strategy including when to submit your application


and if test scores should

be reported. 

Final Decision Support

When you start hearing back from colleges we are here to answer questions and give guidance to help you weigh options before you make your final decision.

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